The importance of taking a break

We all know what it’s like – big deadline, not enough hours in the day. But you just think you will squeeze it all in and then… WHAM! Something out of the blue happens to totally derail your carefully plotted out schedule.

Last week my son managed to fall over and break his arm (not too seriously I should add, he managed to escape with a splint and not a full on plaster-cast) a day before a big piece of work was due to be completed.  And so there we are, sweating away on one of the hottest days of the year, in the local Urgent Care centre*, forcing me – somewhat ironically - to take a break.

As we sat there, watching the world go by, I got the chance to reflect on the week so far, and what I had achieved in my quick-turnaround project.  The relationships I had built, the progress the client had made, and the achievements we’d already stacked together up in a relatively short period of time.  It also allowed me the chance to take much needed time away from the computer and slogging away from dawn till dusk. 

OK it wasn’t the most relaxing of locations, but my son needed me and I had to give him all my attention and stop thinking about work.  Which meant when I returned to my desk (after a quick treat dinner at a favourite eatery on the way home – one hand friendly food of course), I was refreshed and ready to go at it again.

The ability to take time out, walk away, reflect and start afresh is something I think we often don’t allow ourselves to do properly.  But it’s something I am going to make sure I do more of.

I’m just hopeful that the next time it won’t be due to a broken limb.

*A massive thanks to the AMAZING staff at the NHS, we were in and out within 90 minutes and he is healing well. Phewf!

Leah SelingerComment